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But the big steel-dust stood his ground alone
for a moment and openly defied us* He dug his
front feet into the dirt far out in front of him,
wagged his head furiously^ and then stopped long
enough to look and see what effect his mad antics
were having upon us* Around and around he
jumped gracefully Into the air, swapping ends
like a dog chasing Its tail. Then again he raised
his head as high as Ms superb stature would carry
him, and with his long silver tail lying over his
back, he blazed fire at us through the whites of
his turbulent flint-coloured eyes. Having dis-
played to us his courage-, his defiance and his
remarkable leadership, he now turned and
pranced off, with heels flying so high and so
lightly that one could almost imagine he was
treading air.

Our braves laughed and said:

*Ah> ponokamita, vain elk-dog, you are a brave
warrior. But trot along and have patience. We
shall yet ride you against the Crows5 and we will
make them like your courage,, too/

For five days we chased this huge herd of
horses, travelling along leisurely behind them,
knowing that they would not wander afar; that
they would watch us like wolves as long as we
were In their vicinity.

By the fifth day they had become so used to us
that they merely moved along slowly when we